Dennis is a well-known and well-regarded author on legal technology and other topics. He has co-authored several books on legal technology and social media topics, has written a regular technology column for the ABA Journal, and has published hundreds of articles on legal technology and other topics. This page provides a list of some representative writings and links to these articles.


NOTE: I’ve decided that I want as many people as possible to read this book. I’ve now made the entire book available as a FREE PDF – Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law – 2023 PDF Version. If you like the book and PDF is not the best format for you (or you want to support the author), you can still buy the book in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon.

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I have published hundreds of articles since debuting as the technology columnist for Lawyers Weekly USA in 1996. Due to the transitory nature of the Internet, some of these articles have become difficult to find working hyperlinks for. This page will be used to highlight recent articles and put together a good list of available articles. Although I have a set of standard writing outlets, I will consider requests to write articles and white papers.


Highlighted Articles

“Thinking Smartly About Smart Contracts”

“Lawyers Get Ready, There’s a Blockchain Coming” (with Gwynne Monahan)

The Productization of Legal Services

ABA Journal Columns

The simplest way to see all the columns in to use this search link.

Reprints and Republication of Existing Articles

I routinely makes my articles and other materials available for reprinting and other licensed uses. I welcome inquiries about reprinting and licensing articles and other materials.


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