I am licensed to practice law in Michigan and have a very limited law practice since I am primarily teaching and consulting. All my legal services are provided on a mutually-agreed flat fee basis.I have unique experience and expertise in information technology law (including the cloud), digital payments law, innovation law, and digital transformation law.

I’m currently focusing on these areas:

  • Arbitration and Mediation of Technology Contract Disputes
  • Cloud Contract Review and Guidance
  • – For busy lawyers and inhouse counsel (only) with client requests to review cloud agreements who don’t have expertise, experience or bandwidth to handle, we are offering outsourced, unbundled, flat fee review of cloud agreements and advice on negotiations so that you can comfortably and quickly offer timely and solid advice to your clients.

  • Digital Transformation Legal Analysis and Guidance
  • Open Source License Due Diligence and Review
  • Digital Payments Agreements and Product Risk Assessments

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