In order to create a set of simplified offerings of my consulting services to legaltech vendors, I’m created three types of service offerings. I’m no longer planning to write any product reviews, but am open to advertising and sponsorships for my content vehicles and The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast.

What I’ve noticed over the years, especially with new legaltech vendors, is both a lack of knowledge about the current legaltech market and historical trends, and a misunderstanding of the target audience for their products and services, especially of corporate law departments and in-house counsel. In many cases, a significant course correction is required.

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I provide consulting services to legaltech vendors in three ways.

1. LegalTech Vendor Insights (“LTVI”) packages

. These packages are designed to give you a pre-scoped, flat-fee, value-focused way to get the benefit of my high-regarded and highly-respected insights into the legaltech market, customers, and competitive products and services, plus my comments, questions and suggestions on your strategies, plans, and roadmaps.

Each LTVI package costs $6,000 and consists of the following:

  • An initial conference call and showing me your product demo
  • My review of your marketing and product materials
  • My using and testing your product
  • A follow-up conference call with my initial impressions and follow-up questions
  • A written report of my recommendations
  • A wrap-up conference call to discuss my recommendations and answer questions

An LTVI package will help you:

  • Avoid missteps that might cost substantial time and money
  • Reality-test products and get a market-wise second set of eyes on your efforts
  • Accelerate and make smarter product launches
  • Get objective evaluation of marketing and development choices and needed course corrections
  • Tap into my market knowledge and legaltech connections

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2. Custom Consulting Projects.

I’m always happy to discuss your unique needs and help you in ways that make sense for both of us. This might include participating in brainstorming sessions, advisory groups, or even helping you put together groups of legaltech thought leaders to help you evaluate product strategies.

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3. Advisory Boards.

I currently serve on the advisory board of three companies: ClariLegal, FoundationLab, and TimeSolv. I am open to discussion other advisory board possibilities, on a very limited basis, for the right vendor and the right opportunities.

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