I’ve spent a good deal of time working both as an in-house counsel and in large law firms. I’ve lately become fascinated by the squandered opportunities, on both sides of the equation, in the panel convergence process, especially as a method to drive innovation. See my article,”Outside Law Firm Panel Convergence: Innovation Driver or Innovation Destroyer?

As a result, I’m providing consulting services targeted a key points in the panel convergence process. I prefer to focus on the law department side, because it’s a buyer’s market these days, but am open to helping law firms, who, frankly, have often seemed almost hapless in the panel convergence process, especially on the topic of innovation and technology.

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Here are my panel convergence offerings focus on innovation and technology:


  1. Review existing panel convergence RFP questions on innovation and technology and recommend improvements
  2. Assist with review of RFP responses from outside law firms, including selection firms selection to pitch in person
  3. Help prepare questions for outside law firm pitch meetings
  4. Review pitches and submissions and assist in recommending and selecting finalists
  5. Recommend and scope ongoing review and other requirements for panel firms
  6. Evaluate technology and innovation efforts of existing panel firms and make recommendations about changes to panel

Contact Dennis about Panel Convergence Services


  1. Review standard panel RFP response template or specific RFP responses on technology and innovation offerings
  2. Assist with RFP responses and proposals on innovation and technology
  3. Help prepare pitch presentations on technology and innovation offerings from perspective of in-house counsel
  4. Evaluate current efforts after panel win, including initial launch events and other ongoing interaction
  5. Develop and review ongoing efforts to stay on current panels
  6. Conduct “After action” review of loss of expected panel selection after being selected to pitch

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