Artificial Intelligence and the Law Resource Center

Starting Points for Finding AI and the Law
Resources on the Internet

Many people have been interested in and studied the role artificial intelligence
might play in the law. While information on the AI and the law can be found on
the Internet, it is scattered in a variety of places and it can be difficult to
track down comprehensive sets of information.

That is the reason for this collection of resources, which aims to collect those resources in one convenient place. This page has a dual audience: (1) those in the legal profession working on projects involving artificial intelligence and (2) those working in artificial intelligence looking for information about legal applications. Applcations for Law
AI & Law News
Artificial Intelligence
and Law

Artificial Intelligence
and the Law (Prakken)

Artificial Intelligence and

Artificial Intelligence and Law Journal
Artificial Intelligence

Commercialising Legal
Neural Networks (Hunter)

Creating and Environment in Law Firms Where AI & KM Can Thrive
<!– Creating
an Environment in Law Firms Where Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge
Management Will Work

Discourse on Artificial Intelligence
and Law (Aikenhead)

International Association for AI & Law and UKCorporator

Is a Computer
Capable of Interpreting Case Law?

Journal of Information
Law and Technology

Legal Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Of Artificial Intelligence and Legal Reasoning
Online Index of Artificial
Intelligence Journals

Ontologies and Openness in
Law Practice Automation

Syllabus: Seminar on Artificial
Intelligence and Law

Teaching Artificial Intelligence
in Law Schools (Hunter)

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The primary purpose of this page is to provide a list
of helpful links I have found to resources dealing with current issues involving
artificial intelligence and the law. I welcome suggestions for additions to
this page. The inclusion of a resource on this page is not intended to be
and should not be construed as an endorsement of any site, product or service
or as any indication that the information contained on any other site is accurate
or can otherwise be relied upon.