The "Unofficial"
Garrett , Indiana Home Page

There is now an Official Garrett Web Page!  Take a look at: /garrett/ and take the Garrett Photo Tour .

This "unofficial" page will be used primarily for information of interest to former Garrett residents now living away from Garrett, but the page will have good information for current residents as well. I hope that, over time, I can try to do some things like collect stories about Garrett, help friends and classmates get or stay in touch and, in general, be a gathering place on the Web for Garrett people to share information. So…if you find more Garrett-related information, let me know.

New Edition of Creek Chub Book! Check out the revised and expanded second editions of Harold Smith’s (‘ 68 ) book, Collector’s Guide to Creek Chub : Lures & Collectibles . You can contact Harold at: Harold E. Smith MD, 3366 Eskew Rd. , Boonville , IN , 47601 . Harold’s e-mail address is: .

Some general information about Garrett : Garrett, Indiana is a town of approximately 5,000 people located about 20 miles north of Fort Wayne , Indiana . Garrett was founded in 1875 by the B & O Railroad and named after the then President of the B & O, John Garrett. Excellent historical information and exhibits can be found at the Garrett Historical Museum . Stop by next time you are in Garrett.

Who am I? For those of you trying to place me, I’m Dale and Evelyn Kennedy’s oldest son. Like many Garrett residents and former residents of a certain age and older, I was born in the Garrett Hospital . That was in 1958 . I grew up in the white house on the corner at 601 W. Houston Street and have two younger brothers, Bruce and Steve. I graduated from GHS in 1976 . For more info, take a look at my home page .

Here’s some interesting Garrett information I’ve assembled:

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Historical Society is selling ($ 35 ($ 28 for members), plus $ 3 shipping) a videotape called "CSX’s Indiana Mainlines – Volume 1 " which follows the routes of the former B & O Railroad through Indiana ( 120 minutes). About 15 minutes or so of the tape features trains in and around Garrett. There are several nice views of the recently-demolished Garrett Depot. Write for information to: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Historical Society, P.O. Box 13578 , Baltimore , MD 21203 .

Keep up-to-date on Garrett happenings by subscribing to the Garrett Clipper. Further information: The Garrett Clipper, 106 South Randolph Street , Garrett , Indiana 46738 .

The Garrett Historical Society is actively seeking new members. Types of memberships: Single person – $ 10 ; Family – $ 25 ; Sponsor – $ 50 ; Foundation Honor Roll – $ 100.00 . The Garrett Historical Society, P.O. Box 225 , Garrett , IN 46738 .

Garrett High School Class of 1976 Online Reunion Page . Keep current with planning and other information about the upcoming 30 th reunion. Also, there is a collection of stories and information from our twentieth reunion. I converted the original booklet prepared for our reunion as an experiment in web publishing and, of course, to give our class a small piece of Internet notoriety.

I am collecting a list of Garrett and former Garrett people with e-mail addresses and here is the current Garrett e-mail directory . Want to be included?