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In simplest terms, bioinformatics covers the application of information technologies to the study of biological processes and information and the results learned through this process. Terms like "computational biology" are sometimes used to describe bioinformatics and bioinformatics is the place where the information sciences meet the life sciences. More definitions .

While there are as yet few interactions between bioinformatics and the legal system, the legal system does have and will continue to have an impact on bioinformatics.

That is the reason for this collection of resources. There are few resources on the subject of bioinformatics law and they can be difficult to track down. This web page aims to collect those resources in one convenient place. This page has a dual audience: ( 1 ) those in the legal profession working on projects in the area of bioinformatics and ( 2 ) those in bioinformatics looking for information about legal issues relating to their projects.

Bioinformatics law will span a large range of issues: intellectual property issues (patents, trademarks, trade secrets), licensing issues (licensing patents, intellectual property or software), legislation, regulation, product development and corporate legal issues.

Bioinformatics Blogs

Bioinformatics Legal Issues

American Bar Association’s Discussion Lists on Science and Technology
American Bar Association’s Section on Science and Technology Law – Life Sciences
Bio-Science Law Review
Biotech Patent Fights
Biotechnology: The Next Litigation Frontier
Biotechnology and the Law – Washington University Law School
Biotechnology Law Report – requires paid subscription
Boston U. Journal of Science & Technology Law, Symposium on Bionformatics and Intellectual Property
Does patenting delay publishing?
The Elephant & the Fruit Fly – Managing Intellectual Property Rights in Strategic Alliances
Ethical Issues in BioComputing
FindLaw: Intellectual Property
Goodwin Proctor Bioinformatics Law Article
Google Directory – Science > Biology > Bioinformatics > Law and Ethics
Growth of biotechnology law
Hale and Dorr Bioinformatics Law Article
Homestead 2000: The Genome
In the pipeline – Corante
Intellectual Property Rights and Research Tools in Molecular Biology
Internet Patent News
IP in the 21st Century Webography: Rights in Biotechnology/Human Genome/Genetic Engineering
Judge’s Journal: Genetics in the Courtroom Issue
Judicature: Genetics in the Court
Jurist – Intellectual Property Bioinformatics Law article
Legal issues surround programming bioinformatics
Legal Research Guide: Intellectual Property
Lex Mercatoria: Biology and Life Sciences
Living Code. Corante – excellent legal research site
MedBioWorld: Law & Biotechnology
Mintz Bioinformatics Advisory Feb 2002
Mintz Bioinformatics Advisory Nov 2001
Open-source debate enters the genomics arena
Patents In The Bioinformatics Field: Releasing The Gene Genie features: Legal
Regulation of Agricultural Biotechnology in the U.S.
Research Guide to International Intellectual Property Law
Software in Biology, Healthcare Poses New Legal Issues
Technology Law & Policy Journal
Tips for Licensing Biotechnology
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
The Virtual Chase – excellent legal research site
When Patents Persist

General Resources on Bioinformatics Biotechnology Industry Site
Amos’s WWW Links Page
Bibliography on Computation of Gene Recognition
BioABACUS — Biotech, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry Analysis, Stocks and Investor Reports – Bioinformatics
BioComputing for Everyone
BioComputing Hypertext Coursebook
Bioinformatica’s Bioinformatics Hub
Bioinformatics (journal)
Bioinformatics – – Excellent starting point
Bioinformatics: The Brain of Biotech
BioInformatics & Molecular Analysis Section – NIH
Bioinformatics Class – Kevin Karplus, U. California, Santa Cruz
BioInformatics Course Notes – Univ. of Missouri
BioInformatics for the Masses
Bioinformatics Resources
BioInformer Newsletter
Bio-IT World
Bioresearch Online News for bioresearch and life sciences professionals
BioScience Research Tool: Bioinformatics
BioSpace – News
BioTech Resources Web Project: Bioinformatics
BioTech’s Life Sciences Dictionary
BioTech-Info’s What’s New Page
Biotechnology Information Directory – Virtual Library – Excellent starting point
BioTechnology News/Newsletters/Journals – USDA
The Challenge for in silico Drug Companies – Archive
Comments from International Biotech & Infotech Summit 2000
Corante’s Daily Biotechnology Newswire
Council for Biotechnology Information
Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills
Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills: Chapter 1: Biology in the Computer Age
European Bioinformatics Institute
Genomes to Life U.S. Department of Energy Bionformatics Article
Glossary of Biotechnology Terms
Gosling on Bioinformatics
HHMI’s BioInteractive
Human Genome Project Education Resources
IBM’s Bioinformatics & Pattern Discovery Group
International Society for Computational Biology
The Institute for Genomic Research
Journal of Computational Biology
Links to bioinformatics research project homepages
Links to the Genetic World – Human Genome Project
Linux Magazine – Natural Open Source
MAGPIE Genome Sequencing Project List
National Center for Biotechnology Information – bioinformatics weblog
O’Reilly Bioinformatics Center
O’Reilly Network Bioinformatics Weblog
Online Journal of Bioinformatics
Open Directory Project – Bioinformatics Search Results – Excellent starting point
Primer on Molecular Genetics
Profiles of Leading Biotechnology Companies – – Recombinant Capital – Biotech Database
Recombinant Capital
Red Herring Magazine
Signals Magazine {bio,medical}informatics
Stein Gives Bioinformatics Ten Years to Live
The Bioinformatics Resource – CCP11 Project
The Open Lab –
Tree of Life Web Project
Top 100 Biotechnology Web Sites – Genetic Engineering News
Visualization for Bioinformatics
Weitzmann Institute – Bioinformatics and Biological Computing
What is Bioinformatics – U. of Missouri
Wolfram Offers Bioinformaticians a New Kind of Science
World of Bioinformatics Links

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