IP and IT Contract Review and Negotiation

Authors Guild : Contract Advice : Books
Checklist of Issues in Drafting and Negotiating Software License Agreements
Checklist of Issues in Drafting and Negotiating Software License Agreements 2
Contract Review Checklist and Contract Advisory Form
Cyberlaw Encyclopedia version 2.0: Computer_Contracts
Don’t Skip on the Details
Drafting Legal Documents: A Resource Guide
Elements of a License Agreement
50 Tips for Writing the Contract that Stays Out of Court
Finalize License & Maintenance Agreement
FindLaw’s Business Contracts
FindLaw’s Intellectual Property Agreements
Force Majeure After 9/11
GigaLaw.com: How to License Customized Software
GigaLaw.com: What to Look for in International Software License Agreements
Gordon & Glickson Law Forum
International Software License with Comments
knowledge.contentbox.com Software Selection Checklist
LibLicense: Licensing Digital Information
License Checklist
LII’s Contracts Overview
Model and Sample Agreements and Contracts
mpoint Contract Basics
Negotiating better software deals
Negotiating the Software License: Eight Tips for the Licensee
Online Resources for Software and Database License Review
Overreaching Provisions in Software License Agreements
Performance Warranties in Computer Contracts
Principles For Licensing Electronic Resources
Seven Key Questions for Drafting Effective Exit Provisions
Software License Review
Software license tips
Software Purchasing Checklist
Ten Tips for Negotiating Software License Agreements
UCITA Online
U. Texas Checklists

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