Future Law Resources

ABA Committee on Research About the Future of the Legal Profession
Centre for Innovation Law and Policy
Charlie Robinson Future Site
Computer Security as the Future of Law
Corante Technology law and policy news
Cyberspace and the Future of Law
Edge International –
elawyering: Lawyers Serving Society Through Technology
elawyering: Theory
The Future of Cyberlaw
The Future of Law
Future Law Office
Future Law Office – MDP’s and Beyond
The Future of Corporate Lawyering
Hildebrandt -Strategic Positioning for Law Firms
Innovative Lawyering
Lauritsen Subtech 2002 Paper on Law Firms
Leading the Law Practice Revolution
Legal Thought Leader
Links for "Legal Issues of the 21st Century" Seminar
Overlawyered.com — High-tech law resources
Seize the Future
"Seize the Future" Comments
Seize the Future! Despite Title, ABA Gathering Falls Short of Goal
Thinking about Unbundled Law
Unbundled Law Bibliography
WI Lawyer August 2000: President’s Perspective

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