Nanotechnology Law Resources

Engines of Creation – K. Eric Drexler : Table of Contents
Foley & Lardner : Resource Center
FTT – Nanotechnology Resources
IP Issues Facing Nanotechnology Startups (PPT)
IP Society – Nanotech article
Legal Perspectives for the Nanotech Start-Up (PPT)
Nanodot: News and Discussion of Emerging Technologies
Nanotechnology and the Law
Nanotechnology Industry Portal
Nanotechnology IP Issues (PPT)
Nanotech Patents: Building a Strong Portfolio (Maebius) (PPT)
Open Directory – Science: Technology: Nanotechnology
Oppenheimer Wolff – Filing For Patent and Trademark Protection in Foreign Countries
Oppenheimer Wolff – How to Avoid Common Pitfalls When Licensing Your Nanotechnology Abroad
Oppenheimer Wolff – Why ‘Nanozon’ Might Not Be A Good Name
StratVantage Consulting, LLC — Nanotechnology Resources
Survey of Nanotechnology Licensing Trends (PPT)
Survey of Nanotechnology Patent Trends (PPT)
Technology Review: Nanotechnology
Technology Review: Nanotechnology and Materials
Wired 3.08: Reality Check
Yahoo! Science > Nanotechnology

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