The Recommended Tech Showcase

I often get asked about what software and hardware I use, what I might recommend and what I might wish I had. I usually resist answering because what works for me may not work for you. With this page, I’ve decided to list software, hardware, services and whatever else I use, like, want to use, heard great things about, find very interesting, whatever.

VERY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER PLEASE READ. I am not going to even pretend that I placed products and services on this page because I fully reviewed them or used them, let alone that I endorse them. Perhaps most important, I do not in any way claim that I am impartial, unbiased or uninterested in the products and services listed here. I have chosen to no longer write independent product reviews and will not strive to remain totally unbiased or without conflicts. It should be obvious that, in some cases, a vendor may have an advertising, sponsorship or other financial relationship with me or provided the product or service to me at no charge or at a below-market price. In other cases, I may well have affiliate marketing, royalty or other financial arrangements tied to the placement of items on this list. That said, I value my audience and know that they value my opinions, so the list should consist of items that I actually like or have formed a good impression about. And, if I say I’m using a product or service, then I do use it. I will also say that the purpose of this page, in addition to highlighting some cool tech, is to help raise money for my daughter’s education, so remember those sponsorship and affiliate marketing possibilities.

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