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Products Currently Available Directly From Dennis Kennedy

  1. Dennis Kennedy’s Legal Technology Primer (CD-ROM) Over the years, I collected my articles on legal technology into an “online
    book” on my web site called “The Legal Technology Primer.” This collection
    of articles has been widely praised. I have decided to freeze this
    collection in time and make it available only on this CD. Price:
    45 .
  2. Unlocking the Secrets of Legal Tech and Tech LawThis generous collection includes my favorite articles on technology
    law and legal technology, seminar materials, blog postings and a few
    surprises and gives you a great way to see all my best work in one
    convenient location. With a few exceptions, most of this material will
    no longer be available for free on my web site. Price: $ 45 .
  3. Unlocking Secrets / Legal Tech Primer Combo CD Set of both CDs (# 2 & # 3 ) for $ 75 . Save
    15 .
  4. Preparing Your Firm for the Internet EraThiseBooklet covers 150 tips, action steps, key questions and other
    insights in the best ways to prepare your firm for and help it thrive
    in the Internet era. Price: $ 15 .

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