I help forward-looking meeting planners provide accessible and engaging sessions on innovation and technology that end with practical action steps, not theory or sales pitches.

Dennis is Yoda. – Jordan Furlong

Dennis Kennedy is a sought-after and highly-regarded keynote speaker on legal technology and innovation topics. He is known for providing accessible, challenging, and engaging presentations on legal technology, innovation, and trends. His perspectives include those from his experience working in private law firms, in Mastercard’s law department, and as a writer and commentator on legal technology and innovation for many years. He has unique experience, expertise, and connections in the legal industry.

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In today’s market, forward-thinking legal organizations must avoid being overtaken, displaced, or even bypassed by competition on all sides, and, instead, build bridges to their own successful futures.

Speaking at Your Event or For Your Organization

crystal ball photoI specialize in paid keynote speaking for legal departments at annual meetings, retreats, and similar events. I have shifted away from doing Continuing Legal Education events and panels in order to open up opportunities for new and diverse speakers.

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I have a standard price sheet below for speaking packages on my most popular presentations:

  1. Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law Deopartments: A Practical Guide
  2. Legal Tech Trends forIin-house Counsel – From Knowledge to Action – Building Bridges to Your Future(s)
  3. Panel Convergence – Innovation Driver or Innovation Destroyer
  4. Collaboration Tools and Technologies for the Legal Profession

Fee Schedule

Chart with speaking fees starting at $12,500

Pricing for non-standard presentations will be negotiated and customized to your specific requirements and audience objectives.

If I am not able to speak at your event, I generally can recommend a few excellent speakers for you, especially women and diversity speakers.

Commitment to Diversity. My goal is to speak only at events with diverse speakers and otherwise promote speaker diversity. In some cases, especially when I commit to a program early or there is a late speaker replacement, that is not practically possible. In all cases, whether or not I am speaking at the event, I am happy to recommend diverse speakers from my extensive set of speaker contacts. In the case of CLE speaking, I’m making a conscious effort to step back from CLE speaking and multi-member panels to open the door for younger and diverse speakers. I recommend the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center’s Women of Legal Tech list as a great place to find excellent women speakers on legal technology topics.

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Videos: Dennis in Action

Agile Lawyering in the Platform Era

TECHSHOW TODAY Videocasts 2018

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What Event Planners Say About Dennis

Dennis Kennedy was a pleasure to work with throughout the process—bringing a multitude of interesting, timely and useful ideas to the table—as well as presenting and speaking to these concepts in a very clear, concise and palatable manner. His many practical take-aways made his segment particularly popular among attendees… and of course, Dennis stayed at the event for the duration—making himself available to further answer questions and chat with attendees.

–Kevin Klein, Program Director, Ark Group

Mr. Kennedy was a significant contributor to the Federation of Law Societies of Canada’s recent Conference on technology and legal regulation. Robots and Rule-Makers: New Frontiers for Legal Regulation was held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on October 16 and 17, 2018.

The audience was comprised of approximately 100 elected and staff leaders of Canada’s law societies which regulate lawyers, Quebec notaries and Ontario paralegals in the public interest.

Mr. Kennedy gave a thought-provoking opening address on the Top Trends in Technology and Legal Innovation. His presentation deftly balanced breadth of coverage with depth on points of particular interest, meeting the needs of a diverse audience in terms of subject-matter knowledge. His presentation provided an essential foundation of knowledge and stirred anticipation for the day’s discussions. Mr. Kennedy’s clear and engaging style set a tone of excellence for the remainder of the Conference.

Mr. Kennedy also participated in a panel on AI, new technologies and legal practice wherein his extensive knowledge and insights contributed greatly to the discussion and learning.

Mr. Kennedy participated in planning calls and was able match his remarks to precisely what we wanted. We were delighted that he was able to stay for the entire Conference, sharing ideas and insights during the small group sessions and engaging with other participants at the breaks and social functions. Mr. Kennedy’s contributions and presence throughout were a tangible asset to the Conference.

The Federation would not hesitate to highly recommend Dennis Kennedy as a presenter.

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I find that many forward-looking legal organizations wanting presentations and programs on innovation and technology lack the time and capacity to create them internally and are confused and overwhelmed by too many choices. They should not have to rely on vendor sales representatives for information, consultants with a sales agenda, or presentations from speakers with insufficient industry experience. As an independent, highly-regarded, and experienced guide, I provide memorable and thought-provoking sessions for retreats, annual meetings, and strategic planning sessions on key innovation and technology trends featuring a lawyer-friendly framework, simple action steps, and practical approaches to start working on after your event ends.

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