The Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory offers transformative innovation for Law Departments.

The mission of Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory is to help forward-looking legal organizations innovate.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How would you describe Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory in 20 words or less?

A “think tank” focused on the future of the legal industry offering services, products, collaborations and research & development.

What problems does Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory solve for its clients?

Clients get access to Dennis Kennedy’s expertise, expertise and network to address both targeted and focused legal technology and innovation roadblocks and slowdowns, and broader, big-picture legal technology, innovation, R&D, and business model strategies to move them to the next stage. I’ve found that these kinds of problems, which can seem insurmountable, often are only sticking points that need a just-in-time, just enough change of perspective or intervention to get your projects moving on to the next phase.

Why use Dennis for this assistance?

Dennis is Yoda. – Jordan Furlong

I’ve been very well known in these fields for many years. You and others can certainly learn what I’ve learned over my long career, but you can’t do it quickly and you don’t have the same breadth of experience, context, and perspective I have. If you are a forward-looking legal organization that needs some practical help, working with me will make sense.

What areas does Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory cover?

1. Services

2. Research & Development

  • Productization and Product Development
  • Innovation Law Department Library

3. Education

How do I hire Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory?

Schedule a Zoom call.

How do I learn more?

Start with the Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory page. I’ve also created a Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory LinkedIn showcase page for regular updates. And I’m doing a regular Paper.Li daily links collection called Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory LabNotes. I’d also recommend my book and the free 57 Tips for Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law PDF. You might also follow me on Twitter art @denniskennedy.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

KIPL Releases

Legal Innovation as a Service is a product for innovation leaders in law who want to jumpstart and course-correct their innovation projects at key inflection points with targeted, pre-scoped, flat fee engagements.

Panel Convergence Packages – consulting packages focused on key components of the outside law firm panel convergence process where things are most likely to go wrong.

Books and Writing

In the Pipeline

TechPrompts – a product for getting in-house counsel up-to-speed on important technologies

Innovation portfolio risk management tools

Online courses

Current Research Projects

Adjacent Transformation

Megatrends and Their Impact on Law Practice and Law

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The Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory is a division of Dennis Kennedy Advisory Services LLC.

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