Whenever I talk with people about blogs and blogging, I always end up focusing on RSS feeds rather than blogs. When I first learned about Amphetadesk from a review by Steven Cohen on LLRX.com, I had to try it immediately. It fit my requirements for trying a new technology – simple, simple and simple. What I found was that Amphetadesk and, I assume, the other news aggregators, pointed to the fulfillment of one of my long time Internet wishes. By using Amphetadesk, I can subscribe to any number of feeds from sites (with RSS feeds) that interest me and, here’s the cool part, I can go to a single web page to see all those headlines. That means that in the morning I don’t have to click through a bunch of bookmarks. That means that I know what some of my writer friends are doing on a more regular basis. That means that I don’t need a ton of e-mail newsletters. And it means that I can sample new topics on a regular basis. Tres cool! Are news aggregators a kiler app? Maybe. It’s certainly been one giant leap for me on dealing with information overload.