One of my Big Themes in my writing and speaking in 2003 will be what I call “Client Driven Technologies.”
Maybe I’ve gotten a little impatient with the snailish pace of adoption of cool technologies in the practice of law, but I know for sure that it irritates me to see how clients of law firms must pay a big price because their law firms do not use technologies that would streamline work, promote efficiency, improve communication and control costs. Whether you look to the Dupont Legal Model or to simpler, targeted projects, there’s much that can be done by both law firms and, more importantly, innovative clients and legal departments. This area is definitely one to watch.
I’ve created a page called the “Client Driven Technologies Resource Center” on which I will try to collect useful resources on this topic.
I’m also speaking twice on this topic at the ABA TechShow in Chicago in April. I’ll eventually put copies of my handout materials for those two presentations up on my site, but two new pieces – Placing Your Bet on Client Driven Technologies and Outside Counsel Inside Counsel Partering: Through Technology to the Virtual Law Firm are linked to from the resource center page.
Please let me know about other resources and I can add them to the list.