I’ve been doing a bit of research lately about technology for solos and small firms and could not believe how difficult it was to track down relevant information on the Internet. There’s great stuff out there, but, man, it is scattered all over the place.
Then, a few blogs pointed me to MyShingle.com. This site is a superior example of what I like to find in a web site – timely, relevant, updated information, collected in one place in an understandable manner. It’s fun to return to and the RSS feed makes keeping up with the site very easy. Plus, it has not only some of the great resources that I had laboriously tracked down, but much, much other great stuff, nicely collected and presented. In particular, the very useful Going Solo section gives easy access to most everything the solo or contemplating solo would want to find.
Five stars. Had I known about this site a few weeks ago, it would have made my research infinitely easier.