Rick Klau has a fascinating report from the CIO Forum on the panel presentation of Cisco general counsel, Mark Chandler. Important comments from Chandler included Chandler’s goal that, by end of 2003, 80% of all of Cisco’s outside counsel expenses will be non-billable hour work. Astonishingly, for lawyers in the minimum billable hour world, today that number for Cisco is about 65%.
Chandler’s final quote: “Technology is absolutely the only way firms will stay efficient and effective. Those who don’t use it well won’t survive.”
If you are looking for a quote to tape up by your bathroom mirror to think about every morning, that’s not a bad candidate.
Thanks, Rick, for reporting on the conference, another example of the cool blog thing where you can learn from bloggers what went on at conference you would have liked to attend (or, for those of us with the speaking bug, to have spoken at) but were not able to.