PeopleSoft’s recent decision to port all of its 170 enterprise applications to Linux by the end of the year may well prove to be the most significant development in Linux this year and a major sign of the movement away from Windows and Linux in the enterprise market.
You have to watch what is happening in the applications market to gauge what’s going on in the OS market.
“What’s changed in the last few months is where [customers] want to use it,” said David Sayed, PeopleSoft’s technology product marketing manager. “It’s a coming together of customer demand and [Linux] maturity as a whole.”
Stacey Quandt, an analyst at Forrester Research Inc. in Cambridge, Mass., said PeopleSoft, like other software vendors, has seen “the competitive aspect of having a Linux solution. There’s obvious demand in the market,” Quandt said.
Watch where developers are putting their money, especially in this economy. This is big news on the Linux front.