, among others, has recently highlighted the article, “Solo Attorneys Like Their Decision,” which tells the stories of three Washington, DC lawyers who have left big firms.
What this story does not highlight is the growing role that technology, technology costs and, more specifically, technology leasing (both hardware and software) play in the decision process. And I speak from experience. Leasing, in particular, drastically cuts the initial out-of-pocket capital costs of starting a solo practice. The barrier to entry (or, more accurately, the barrier of exit from the “safety” of a big firm) is greatly reduced and the solo option becomes much more financially attractive.
The big firm to solo trend is already on my short list for my 2004 legal tech trends article and I’m planning to write about the technology side of the equation in more detail in an upcoming article. (By the way, if your publication might be interested in such an article, let me know.)
In the meantime, watch for the few drops you may be hearing about this type of lawyer movement turn into a steady stream over the next couple of years.