Possibly influenced by the article Chip Fendell and I wrote called “Electronic Signatures In Missouri: Moving To UETA Or Staying With E-SIGN,” published at the end of last year in the St. Louis Bar Journal, Missouri has just joined the vast majority of states that have enacted the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. The ever-excellent BeSpacific.com blog points to a set of PowerPoint slides on UETA and UCITA (the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act) and their role in electronic commerce from Professor Patricia Brumfield Fry, who played an instrumental role in the UETA drafting process.
The slides are a good intro to the laws. I also like our article for basic UETA coverage, but I may be biased on that topic. I’ll note that Chip and I’s July 2001 article on UETA seems to show that we were too far out ahead of the curve, but by stubbornly refusing to drop the topic, we managed to get another publication with a better article and better results – well, at least the article was closer to the actual passage of the act than the first one was.