When I returned home from a very productive and enjoyable TechShow 2004 board meeting in Denver, I saw an article called “Tech for Less” in the ABA’s eJournal Report. The article quotes me at length on some of my favorite topics: wise use of technology budgets, IT portfolio management and the like.
I had a pretty lengthy conversation with the author and while she emphasized a few points a bit differently than I would have, I think the article contains a lot of good points for lawyers to consider.
My final point in the article, however, lost a little in translation, because my point of view is a little counter-intuitive. The article says: “If you have a terrific Web site, Kennedy says, then consider investing in another area where you are lagging behind other attorneys.” My belief, in fact, is that in a slow economy you should seriously consider prioritizing investments in areas in which you are already ahead to further distance yourself from your competition. So, if you have a great web site, you should think hard about putting more money into the site to extend the gap between you and your competitors.
That said, it’s definitely an article that’s worth a read and there are also some excellent comments from Andy Adkins.