From Larry Bodine’s Law Marketing Blog – Larry posts about a videotape documenting a focus group in which business clients of lawyers were asked a variety of question about their law firms. Larry delivers the quotes, which will give you a good overview of the current ways many law firms treat their clients.
This type of information is enormously valuable, but I can guarantee you that the vast majority of lawyers will studiously ignore it and continue to treat their clients in exactly the ways their clients do not want to be treated.
Welcome to the Great Lawyer / Client Disconnect of 2003. It ain’t right and this sorry state of affairs is one of the reasons I left the big firm world to go solo and am also focusing on the subject of client-driven technology.
Here’s my favorite of the quotes: “We’re actually looking for something more profound – lawyers who don’t sell us hours. Companies want to buy expertise, responsiveness and assurance. I don’t care how long it takes the firm to do the work. At our company we’re asking for something more profound.”
Why do I like this quote? Because it is pretty darn close to what I really want to do in my new law practice.