While I generally question the “scientificity”and the validity of the conclusions we can draw because this survey is self-reporting, BeSpacific.com notes that the results of annual survey of technology use of solos and small firms by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center have been released. These results are based on the forms returned by nearly 4,000 lawyers and they do represent some of the best information we have on the actual state of affairs of technology in law firms and I commend the ABA for making this effort.
On the other hand, I would warn against placing too much faith in the actual results rather than simply relying on them to indicate trends. While I don’t think that there is much in the survey results that will be surprising, it is interesting to note what a large percentage of respondents look to email listservs as information resources.
The report does not mention my most important finding about legal tech in the solo and small firm environment: the technology is so much cooler when you don’t have to run everything through and get approval from committees.