Professor John R. Kettle, III of the Rutgers School of Law has prepared a great two-page chart summarizing intellectual property law called “What Every Litigator Must Know About Intellectual Property.” By the way, when you see an article on law that includes something like “A Litigator’s Guide to . . .” you should know that you have found the legal literature equivalent to the “for Dummies” books – that’s not a bad thing (although I enjoy getting in the occasional dig against litigators), but it indicates you will get a short, easy to understand and to the point explanation of the subject matter.
Professor Kettle’s chart is a very useful resource and will be helpful to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. He prepared the chart in connection with a Practising Law Institute (PLI) coursebook also called “What Every Litigator Must Know About Intellectual Property, which I also recommend to your attention.