One of the things I’m now doing is working with to make collections of my materials and presentations available as online Continuing Legal Education courses.
Two courses are now out and others will be appearing in the new future. They are:
1. E-Commerce: Key Legal Concerns – This course gives an overview of some of the most interesting issues and themes in e-commerce law and shows how developments on the Internet are pushing on traditional legal concepts and raising difficult issues for the lawyers, judges and legislators trying to adapt existing law to these new ways of doing business.
2. Email Management for Lawyers: Taming the Email Tiger – This course is designed to help attorneys more effectively deal with their increasing reliance on communication by email. The course covers dealing with email effectively, dealing with spam and viruses, the ABA Opinion on Email Encryption and offers best email tips for attorneys.
As a bit of warning, it is highly likely that the “Legal Technology Primer” collection of my articles will soon no longer be available for free access in its entirety on my web site.