I can’t even count the number of people lately who tell me that I should be offering my services to other lawyers who are unfamiliar with IT and e-commerce contracts.
Even I can get the message.
As a result, I’ll be doing something new, which I call “A Second Pair of Eyes.” Essentially, I will review contracts and agreements related to IT contracts, software and IP licenses, e-commerce and other Internet agreements, for other attorneys who would like to get another set of eyes to check to see if they’ve missed anything major, mishandled an important issue or left important issues unaddressed. I’ll do that with respect to agreements being drafted, agreements being negotiated, and agreements being evaluated and interpreted for further action. And, I’ll do that on a flat fee or hourly basis. The idea is to consult with you and help you out, in the background.
The problem I see is that most attorneys do not see documents in this area often enough to be comfortable working with them or reviewing them. Many attorneys also have little understanding of the underlying technologies and the common issues, let alone the areas that are commonly subject to negotiation.
Sound appealing? Just get in touch with me and we can talk about your needs.