It’s so sad to see that David Giacalone has decided to shut down the excellent ethicalEsq? blog due to health-related reasons. I’ve admired the growth and evolution of his blog and pointed to it on a number of occasions.
David was a needed voice who focused on critical issues for the profession and the delivery of legal services. I expected that he would grow into a sort of conscience for legal bloggers and through them the legal profession. His approach has affected the way that I look at some of today’s issues and reminded me and others that we need to pay attention in a thoughtful way to these issues on a regular basis rather than simply scrambling to grab our required hours of ethics continuing legal education credit at the last minute.
David forced us to think about the ethical issues, which are complex and difficult, and, I believe, will also be considered to have played an important role in the early history of legal blogs.
I understand his decision, but hope that his voice will return again in some form. For me, it gives me a new impetus to cover these issues on a more regular basis and I’ll probably do that from time to time on the eLawyer Blog.
David, my best wishes to you in all you do and a big thank you for a job well done.