This is a blogging experiment.
As you may know, I’m on the Board for the ABA’s TechShow 2004, one of the premiere annual legal tech conferences.
As you may or may not know, I’m pretty aware of my many limitations. One of them is that I know that I’m not smart enough or well-traveled enough to know all the really good speakers on legal technology topics.
So, on a totally unofficial basis, I wanted to ask the readers of this blog for a little help.
Who have you seen or heard who either (a) is a great speaker on legal tech topics, (b) is a pretty good speaker but has compelling content, or (c) is good and would be a draw for you or others to attend TechShow? By the way, I’d be happy to learn that the answer is you. Lawyers or nonlawyers are OK.
There is expense reimbursement for speakers, but not honorarium. As a general matter, vendor representatives are not selected as speakers.
Let me know your ideas by emailing me.
I’m just looking for ideas and for ways to open up the field, so, to me, there are no wrong answers. Think of this as a way to help me brainstorm.
The standard disclaimer: the full board will make final decisions as they deem appropriate.