The ever-excellent Law Practice Management (now Law Practice) Magazine has published one of my most recent articles. It’s called “Beating Information Overload with News Aggregators” and it is my best effort to explain in plain language why I think RSS Feeds and news aggregators are the most amazingly cool thing going these days.
I focus on the user experience of having the info you want coming to you, the sense of control you get, and other benefits of being able to process info efficiently.
In short, I try to explain why THE NEXT BIG THING IS ALREADY HERE.
Anyway, I give you my take on it and hope that people find the article helpful (1) in using feeds and aggregators in cool and useful ways and (2) in explaining to unbelievers what all the fuss is about. Blogging is cool, but feeds and aggregators are way cool. I’m interested in feedback on this article.
Also, the rest of the articles in the current issue are uniformly excellent and I especially recommend Marc Lauritsen’s article, “Smart Pads on the Wireless Web,” and Dan Pinnington’s article, “Working With Microsoft Outlook,” to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. I have badgered both Marc and Dan to start blogging because they have so many good ideas and cool things to say.
And, of course, many thanks to Dave Winer, Nick Bradbury and the many others who have helped to bring all this to us.