TechDirt reports that one-third of spam is sent from “zombie” computers that have been taken over as a result of “Trojan horse” programs.
The important lessons:
1. Even if you think that you are too small or uninteresting for the bad guys to want to break into your system, there are many other reasons than getting your data that make your unsecured computer an inviting target, no matter who you are.
2. Good security practices are a social responsibility of all users of the Internet.
3. I was recently on a panel with an FBI agent who said that some Eastern European hackers command networks of thousands of “zombie” computers. More worrisome, no one knows exactly what damage these networks might produce or exactly why they have been created.
4. At the very least, implement the recommended three basic security steps.
5. Look for Trojans on your computer with appropriate anti-virus or spyware detection software.