In some ways, my web history consists of a number of repetitions of my 1995 experience in creating the Estate Planning Links Web Site.
The story goes like this: I search for information on a topic of interest to me. There is good information out there, but it is scattered all over the Internet, with no good way to get from one resource to another or to see them all in one place. I say, “I’m might as well put my bookmarks up on the web, so I can get to them and maybe they’ll help some other people.” Suddenly, I have a new web page, which gradually grows to have an audience, because people like to find a handy starting point to find good information about a topic.
Most recently, I had this experience when looking for information about Tablet PCs, in general, and their use by lawyers, in particular. Once again, I noticed the familiar itch and, almost before I knew it, I scratched that itch in my standard way. There is now a Tablet PC for Lawyers web page.
I’ll build this page out so it collects links and other info about Tablet PCs, with a special focus on use by lawyers. If you know of other sites or resources that I should include, please let me know.