Thanks to Buzz Bruggeman, Robert Scoble, and Jim McGee, I am now happily subscribed to organization guru David Allen’s new blog. I’m a long-time fan of David Allen’s approaches set out in his classic book, Getting Things Done, and I wrote about the GTD approach earlier this year in the context of the software tool, The MasterList.
Interestingly, in another example of blogsynchronicity, I was planning to write about and recommend Allen’s excellent e-mail newsletter and website in my blog today. In the post I planned, I was also going to point out Jason Womack’s GTD to Me blog, which covers Allen’s principles and provides excellent tips. As it turns out, Womack wrote about Allen’s newsletter today.
I’ve recently completed a more thorough and aggressive implementation of Allen’s principles than I’ve ever been able to do to this point. It’s amazing how making even a good faith attempt to follow Allen’s procedures reduces your level of stress and feeling of being overwhelmed. I’ll also confirm the comment Womack makes in his blog today that you can reduce the message count in your inbox to zero and feel good about doing so by using the basic principles.