As my friends know, I have a hard time turning down the chance to write a column, but the recent opportunity I got to start a new column for, one of if not the premier Internet resource on electronic discovery, was an offer I simply could not turn down. You see, the column gives me a chance to write with one of the most knowledgeable and tech-savvy lawyers I’ve ever met – George Socha, who has been my “go to” person on electronic discovery issues for several years.
We’re doing the column (see the first column – called “The Electronic Discoverers” – in which we take an overview of the e-discovery landscape) in the conversation style, which gives us a great structure to include guests as well as to take several views of an issue.
I invite you to try out the column and let us know what you think. If you have ideas for topics, let us know.
As an aside, George is doing some cool things that he’ll probably announce soon that will be invaluable to those working in and following developments in e-discovery. You’ll get a little glimpse of some of those things in this first column.
For those thinking – “But Dennis doesn’t even do any litigation . . .” You are right – I’ll focus more on the tech, management and trends aspects of these issues and George will brilliantly cover the technical discovery issues in more detail.
Thanks especially to Julia Wotipka for putting this idea together.