Keen-eyed vistors to this blog have already noticed the logos of the blog’s first two sponsors – CaseSoft and Fios. I’ve put together some sponsorship options to highlight some of my favorite vendors and give them exposure to the blog’s audience. Because I’ve decided to limit drastically the product reviews I write anymore, this approach has become an avenue to expand what I can do with this blog.
I’ve been a huge fan of CaseSoft’s products, CaseMap, TimeMap and NoteMap, since they were first introduced. In fact, the story of how Bob Wiss (one of the founders of CaseSoft) and I first met and my first article on CaseMap are part of the lore and history of CaseSoft. For those unfamiliar with CaseMap, think of it as a litigation knowledge management tool. We have also worked out an arrangement to benefit the readers of this blog. If you visit the CaseSoft website and download a trial version of NoteMap, CaseSoft’s outlining tool, and let them know that you learned about CaseSoft products from, CaseSoft will give you one free license for NoteMap. If you were already planning to buy a license for CaseMap, this deal is pretty irresistable. If you like great free software, it’s also pretty irresistable.
The second sponsor, Fios, also provides great litigation software tools and a premier web resource on discovery – I’m enthused by what Fios is doing. In fact, I’ll be joining e-discovery guru George Socha to co-wrote a monthly column on electronic discovery that will appear on the website. Because I have the benefit of already seeing the first column, I can tell you that this column will be a must-read for those interested in electronic discovery.
If you think this blog’s sponsorship program might make sense for your company, please contact me and I’ll get you the information you will need to consider opportunities in this blog and my website. Worldox, maker of a great document management software package in common use in the legal profession, and Tabs 3, premier financial and practice management software, are a new sponsor and advertiser on my website.
If you attend the upcoming ABA TechShow 2004 next week in Chicago, you will have a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the offerings of these great companies and talk with the principals of these companies.
Please support these sponsors. I am grateful for their help in allowing me to get the word out on how lawyers can use technology in better ways.