Well, I didn’t quite get my notes and thoughts on TECHSHOW pulled together today. Luckily, Jeff Beard and Bob Ambrogi have already posted some substantive coverage.
I plan to post a debriefing or two, but, man, did I have fun, and I learned a lot and met some great people.
Coming soon: There were a lot of comments about there being nothing all that new in legal tech. Au contraire. Unless I’m significantly behind the curve and everyone else is really up-to-date with what I saw (and, more importantly, the implications of what I saw and heard), there’s more innovation happening now than I’ve ever seen and the pace of change in law is going to accelerate more quickly than many will expect.
I’ve been saying for a while that one trend we’ll see is tech-savvy lawyers leaving large firms to start solo and small firm practices. Those who are thinking along those lines might want to step up their timetables.