What will the 21st century legal practice look like? Consider this example.
Matt Homan is a bright young lawyer with many cool ideas. Even better, he doesn’t just talk a good game – he puts himself out on the line and follows his own advice. That’s something that I really admire. I like people who make you challenge your own assumptions and force you to get off your ass.
Matt just announced the opening of his new era of law practice – The Silver Lake Group, complete with a Citizen Kane-esque statement of principles. That’s cool and something you don’t see very often.
I had the idea a while back to start a newsletter called “Practice Transformation.” I might still do that, but Matt makes me think that it’s better to try to transform your practice than to write about how it might be done.
Keep rocking, Matt. No more excuses, though – we’ve got to get together next week for lunch, breakfast, whatever.