I’m finishing up an article on the subject of lawyers leasing, rather than buying, technology. I’d like to include some quotes. If you can help me out, I’d be grateful and give you some publicity by including you in the article.
Ideally, I’d get some quotes and info from you by tomorrow morning.
I’m looking for examples of actual experiences, good examples, bad examples, tips, cautions and other practical info. I’m interested in comments from lawyers, administrators and vendors (lessors), but in the case of vendors, your comments must relate specifically to the legal profession. I’m especially interested in discussion of “bundling” hardware, software and services into one “lease” payment.
To participate, simply email me with comments that can be used as quotes (i.e., reasonably short and pithy, or a compelling short story) and a few-word description of how you would like to be referred to in the article (e.g., “Dennis Kennedy, a solo practitioner in St. Louis who focuses on computer law transactions and licensing, says . . .”).
Thanks for your help.