Marty Schwimmer is the author of the excellent The Trademark Blog, a premier example of the focused-topic legal blog. Marty is also a super-nice person. I was trying to convince Marty the other day that he is in fact a blogging celebrity and that the response he gets when he attends the INTA (International Trademark Association) meeting in Atlanta will demonstrate that to him.
Unfortunately, his ID badge will say MARTY SCHWIMMER, not THE TRADEMARK BLOGGER (an important consideration for those of you currently in the process of naming your blogs). I suggested that he changed his badge to MARTY “The Trademark Blog” SCHWIMMER.
Marty posted today about the INTA meeting and invited all his readers to introduce themselves and say hello.
I won’t be at the INTA meeting, but I will say that Marty is definitely someone that you should try to meet if you are there, especially if you have any interest at all in blogging. Please help make him feel like the celebrity he should be.