From Paul Caron’s TaxProf Blog:
IRS To Seek Input on “Systemic Tax Issues”
“The IRS today invited Tax Profs, tax lawyers, and taxpayers to bring “systemic tax issues” to the attention of the IRS’s Taxpayer Advocate Service via the Internet. Advocacy projects will be initiated on those items that affect multiple taxpayers and relate to IRS systems, policies, and procedures. The advocacy projects developed from these issues are designed to accomplish four fundamental goals:
? Protecting taxpayer rights
? Easing or preventing taxpayer burden
? Ensuring equitable treatment of taxpayers
? Providing essential services to taxpayers
To submit suggestions for advocacy projects, go here and click on ?What is Systemic Advocacy.?
So soon after April 15?
Maybe it’s because I used to be a tax lawyer, but I’ve consistently found the TaxProf Blog to be an excellent resource with lots of useful posts and continuing coverage of the dancing going on over the release of Teresa Heinz Kerry’s tax returns. The most recent items notes that the first two pages might be released after October 15 and that releasing those two pages “strikes a balance between my family’s privacy and the media’s request for more financial information.” Senator Kerry also went on to say, “Well, first of all, if I had been president, we wouldn’t have had any need to seek input on systemic tax issues.” Just kidding.
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