I want to recommend what looks to be an excellent seminar on June 10 in New York City. It’s called Reducing Risk, Restoring Trust: A Leadership Role for IT and produced by the Robert Frances Group, an IT consulting firm with whom I’ve started to do some work in connection with IT issues for corporate legal departments and related issues.
Although I’ll be speaking at another conference that day and be unable to attend, I highly recommend this conference because of the top-flight faculty and the importance of the issues that will be covered. Take a look:
The program will address the following:
Assess the extent of IT risk and how to best mitigate the risk
Establish a formula to analyze and quantify IT risks
Prioritize risk
Fiduciary responsibility of IT
Manage your IT Risk portfolio
Make the trade-offs work as positive advantage
IT departments as risk advisors of business
How to build a cross-functional “Trust” team
Determine the most important risk areas to spend IT budget
Define an acceptable level of risk
Build a responsible roadmap to success
Enhance IT trust on an enterprise level
Understand the extent of accountability
Create the right assessment criteria
Learn where the critical gaps exist
Implement a governance process
Determine risk associated with specific gaps
Address compliance and federal regulations
As many of you know, these items are front-and-center priorities today and this seminar should be a good way to help you put all the pieces together.
From privacy policies to HIPAA to Sarbanes Oxley, leading companies have realized that the “team” approach (executive, IT, financial, sales and marketing, legal) is the only realistic approach to take on these complex areas. Here is a great way to learn why and how.