OK, I’m a little biased because I’m an editor and member of the Law Practice Today board, but the June issue has reached beyond the goals we originally had for this publication. I’m sure that you will agree that in terms of content, the webzine has reached the top rank of publications covering the legal profession.
There are twelve solid articles on a variety of aspects of the practice of law (VoIP, document management, trust, marketing and technology tips, best law fir websites, to name a few), all of which will reward your reading efforts. We’ve gotten some of the best known law practice authors as well. Highly recommended.
I also learned this morning that in just a couple of days we’ve almost broken our record for most-forwarded articles. That’s with almost no outside publicity yet.
My contributions include a thought-provoking dialog on document management with the noted legal tech consultant Ron Friedmann called “Strategies for Successful Knowledge Management in Large Law Firms: Lessons Learned from Experiences with Document Management Systems” and my bi-monthly “Strongest Links” column on great web resources to learn about Voice over IP.
Law Practice Today is a great publishing vehicle for authors who want to reach a tech-savvy legal audience and who don’t want to wait for timely articles to appear in print. If you are interested in writing for LPT, let me know. We are also beginning to open LPT to sponsorship and advertising opportunities. If interested, let me know and I’ll get you routed to the right people.