When I talked with Matt “the [non]billable hour” Homann this past weekend, he told me how excited he was about his first “Five by Five” feature. Now, I see why.
Matt’s idea is to get a group of five experts to give lists of five ideas on a number of topics.
The first Five by Five covers “What are the five worst mistakes a lawyer can make when marketing to a female potential client? Alternatively, what are the five best things a lawyer can do to secure a female’s business?”
The responses are fantastic and deserve a wide audience. The interviewees include Kirsten Osolind, Michelle Miller, Anita Campbell, Yvonne Divita, and Jennifer Rice, all of whom have excellent blogs.
There is a tremendous amount of wisdom and practical advice in these posts. I’ve cringed in meetings when I’ve seen many of the “points to avoid” repeated by male attorneys. Great stuff.