I was talking with Matt “the [non]billable hour” Homann on the phone this morning and congratulating him on the wildly successful “Five by Five” feature that he has developed. I highly recommend the entire collection – Matt has come up with a cool idea and it’s amazing how the simple offer of a “Five by Five” t-shirt has brought out some of the most articulate and thought-provoking ideas about the practice of law you are likely to see outside of Law Practice Today. Sorry, the LPT promos have become a reflex action for me lately. All kidding aside, there is much wisdom in the two Five by Five collections and lots of great ideas that people should implement rather than simply talk about.
By the way, for those playing the game at home, I found myself, like Ernie, wishing that I had written Denise Howell’s response this week and Yvonne Divita’s response in the first week. Unfortunately, I’m far too young to do that “who’s your favorite Beatle?” thing, but I would pick Edge as my favorite U2-er.
Perhaps I digress.
In any event, I suggested several new Five by Five topics to Matt until he caught on that all of my suggestions led inescapably to the conclusions that (1) I was the perfect guest and (2) the questions were so calculated that Matt would have to change the name to One by Five.
By the end of the call, I have to admit that the little jealousy monster had climbed up on my shoulder and was whispering things in my ear. Why indeed have I mentioned Matt’s blog posting more than my own lately? Fortunately, the green guy had a great suggestion that I can’t wait to implement.
See what you think of this one . . . .
“The Two By Four ™.” It’s based on the old mule training proverb that you need to whack a lawyer, er, mule with a two by four just to get the mule’s attention. It will be a weekly collection of of four items from two well-known experts of things that most businesses already know or are already doing that it will take a whack from a two by four to get lawyers and law firms to pay attention to.
Since we’re talking about lawyers, maybe I should call it Four by Four. Let me know.
Unfortunately, I have no ideas yet to match the comedic stylings of Evan “The Funniest Blawger” Schaffer (see, e.g., “Types of Lawyers #4: The Lawyer Who Carries Another Lawyer?s Briefcase“) and Anonymous “Another Pretty Darn Funny Blawger, If Like Me, You Like That Kind of Humor and Spent Most of Your Career in Large-ish Law Firms” Blogger. Anonymous served notice on Evan today that Evan might have a little competition in the comedy category via Anonymous’s “Diary of an Anonymous Lawyer” post. Anonymous also used this post to move way up on the charts in the “blawger most likely to get a book deal out of this blogging thing” list, even though my money is still on the “one of the law professors” betting option.
Note: No mules were injured in the writing of this post.