Via the Lessig Blog:
Well-known intellectual property law scholar Michael Geist (who can also write columns that non-academics can read and understand) has a new column that advocates a balanced approach to copyright reform and is an article that deserves a wide audience, says Larry Lessig, another well-known intellectual property law scholar (who writes books and articles that are a bit harder for non-academics to read (especially because of the too-tiny print in his first book, at least to these aging eyes) and understand.
I agree.
We may come at these issues from different places and want different results, but, if all interests have a seat at the discussion table and play a role in shaping the results, then we’ll reach better results than the current state of affairs in the U.S. where many, many people believe that the entertainment industry drives all legislation in this area for its own benefit.
Why do I have my doubts that this issue will be discussed in the 2004 presidential campaign?