Highly-regarded legal technology consultant, Ron Friedmann, and I have published a new article called “Strategies for Successful Knowledge Management in Large Law Firms: Lessons Learned from Experiences with Document Management Systems.”
We’ve written the article as a point – counterpoint dialog with the idea of making people think. One thing that has made me think is that in the small and medium-sized law firms, lawyers have gotten great results with Worldox for document management or TimeMatters, PracticeMaster or another case management program. In part, that’s because the sheer volume of information is less of an issue, but I also think that thre are some structural issues at play as well.
I really like the following quote from Ron that appears in the article:
“U.S. business has spent the last 20 years re-structuring and developing new and more efficient and effective processes. Why do lawyers think they are different and why does the market insulate lawyers from these pressures?
Why indeed? I recommend this article to everyone who thinks about these types of KM, technology and business processes. Our idea is to start a conversation. Let us know what you think. Or, let us know if we can help you in your efforts at your firm.