One of the drawbacks of the most blogs today (or at least mine) is that if you find a blog that you like, it’s difficult to take a leisurely look through the archives of the blog to find out what all is there. With both blogs and feeds, the view you get of a blog tends to be immediate and typically does not extend too far into the past, unless you decide to devote some effort, online, to trolling through the archives.
Today, I had the idea of trying to address this problem in a simple way. I have created a simple PDF file of all of the archives of my blog, which I will make freely downloadable, so that you can read the archive offline, print it out, read it as an eBook, whatever works best for you. It’s not a small file, but I got it down to somewhat less than 700K. I’ll then update the archive PDF file around the first of every month. As a result, you should be able at any time to read all of the blog posts either on the front page of the blog or in the PDF file.
I’m not sure whether it is a good solution or even a solution at all. Maybe I’m the only one who sees this as a problem, but I consistently find blogs that I’d like to spend some time later reading through the archives.
If you think it works, or you see problems with the approach, let me know.