I’ve been working on a couple of articles about the new version of CaseMap, CaseMap 5. Suffice it to say, that I think that it continues its firm hold as the most valuable and innovative litigation software program. Unfortunately, the articles will not appear in print for a while.
However, I want to give one preview. Keep your eyes on the new ReportBooks feature – it may well revolutionize clients’ expectations on how information about there cases should be presented to them.
As you may know, CaseSoft will give readers of my blog a free license to its NoteMap outliner tool. However, I now have lined up something even better for my blog readers – a personal contact. I’ve talked Danielle Carwell into be the CaseSoft contact person for readers of my blog. Call Danielle at (904) 273-5000 x237 or email her and let her know that you are a reader of this blog and she’ll take care of your questions. She’ll get you set up with a free license to NoteMap and, assuming that you are as impressed with CaseMap 5 as I am, she’ll assist you in purchasing the number of licenses for CaseMap 5 that you need.
I love this quote about CaseMap from David Beckman and David Hirsch: “CaseMap is a must. It is like a spreadsheet for organizing facts, people and issues, as well as documents and other tangible things. Any lawyer who walks into a courtroom without it would be crazy.”