While I was having some fun taunting Foley & Lardner in my last post about missing a great website opportunity by failing to post an article by one of its lawyers that had gotten a lot of Internet exposure, I was reminded of a few failings of my own in that regard.
Not that I don’t have good excuses – I have a solo practice and I’m in the middle of a wholesale revision and redesign of my website. The latter excuse, as many will attest, covers a world of sins.
However, I published a gushing article last year about news aggregators and newsfeeds that got pulled behind a members-only wall a while back and I’ve been remiss in not making it freely available in its original form on my website.
It’s a little dated here and there, but I’m still a huge FeedDemon fan, and most of it still works well. The article was my attempt to put into as plain of language as I could what was happening with news aggregators and feeds, how they worked in a non-technical sense, how you could use them to help you take control of the information washing over you, and more. In short, I tried to write about why I found feeds and aggregation to be so damned exciting and important.
Nothing that’s happened in the last 10 months (other than comment spam, of course) has tempered my enthusiasm. I’d say that my enthusiasm has continued to grow.
So, I wanted to get this article back out there to help convert the unconverted.
It’s called – “Life-Altering Technology – News Aggregators and Newsfeeds” – I hope you find it helpful. It’s probably the article I’ve written in the last years that was the most fun for me to write.