A week ago, I posted about a spam message I received with the subject line: vita triptych drub.
One week later, a search in Google on “vita triptych drub” shows my post as the #1 listing.
Two (and a half) simple questions:
1. How much are you paying your search engine optimizer and what results do they get you for that money?
2. How many shares are you planning to buy in the Google IPO?
The concern that I have is that people are relying too much on search engines that can be “gamed” and paying search engine optimizers for results that can be obtained for nothing.
The real skill in search engine optimization, by the way, is not to get a high ranking on an obscure phrase, although I applaud Anil Dash’s prize-winning efforts. That’s almost a parlor trick. It’s getting a #1 rank on a commonly-used phrase for a brand new site. That will impress me.